"The TLD Song" (With Apologies to Tom Lehrer and Gilbert & Sullivan)

There’s zulu, zone, zara, zero, zuerich, tata, tax and tattoo,
Gay, grocery, gripe, gratis, graphics, gucci, paris, porn, payu,
And persiangulf, party, training, kosher, lawyer and ksb,
Carinsurance, bloomberg, blue, blog, book, trust, actor, and attorney.

These are but a small fraction of submissions far from frugal,
And most will be an utter waste ’cause everyone is using Google.


Batching Basics | ICANN New gTLDs

How does it work?

The batching process is activated if significantly more than 500 applications are received. Each applicant will be notified to register into an online system to set a future time target. The ability of applicants to “hit” that target at the selected time will be used to determine which applications are placed into the first, or subsequent batches.

Selected Target Date and Time

Next, applicants will return to the online system on that day and time and try to hit submit as close as they can to their target time. It’s kind of like a game of digital archery. First you set the target and then you try to hit it with as much accuracy as you can.

“How does it work?”

Badly, if at all. Which seems to describe a number of ICANN activities.

“Digital archery!?” It’s just wacky.

Numbers show dot-XXX sites are a sham

Mike Cohen (DNN) writes,

We would not have thought that only 61 domains in total would be ranking inside the top 1,000,000 most visited sites in the world.

That number was suppose to be exponentially higher by all accounts even a few months in, which we now are well into 2012, however reality says otherwise.

Indeed. DNN???s Alexa numbers are US, not global, but those numbers suck, and not in the way were were hoping. Despite the fact that these sites are indeed indexed by Google, the sticky stampede promised by dot-xxx???s pimps never arrived.

financial TLDs ?? OTC derivatives data reporting requirements ??? is this a dotLEI showcase?

As a pre-requisite, a LEI DOMAIN should only be registered when the applicant uses an FSA ACCREDITED registrar anywhere in the world. The registrar checks the applicant, and is supervised by the registry and Financial Services Authority.
The largest benefit would however accrue from the PUBLIC OVERSIGHT, since anybody being able to access the Internet can verify the LEI DOMAIN information and can raise a concern or objection of non-valid data to the registrar-registry. Information to be placed is template-like (see http://telnic.tel as example) and transparent due to the nature of the Internet.

LEI DOMAIN content (the necessary information the counterparty must provide) is accessible at no cost by all people being able to use the Internet ??? and multilateral synchronization issues are solved through the Domain Name System (DNS).
LEI DOMAIN information can be updated real time. If the Registrant or Registry ???pulls the plug??? on LEI DOMAINS, i.e., they are no longer valid counterparties ??? this action can be seen the very same moment it happens around the world. Uniqueness, neutrality, reliability, open source, and PUBLIC PROPAGATION AND VISIBILITY (transparency) are typical benefits of the DNS.
Which central system would allow this to happen at minimal cost for the involved?
As a new solution possible as of 2012, is to apply to ICANN to register .LEI as a Top Level Domain.


TLDH Files First 20 gTLD Applications

Separately, the Directors are pleased to report that Minds + Machines has today been appointed as the registry services provider for DOT KIWI LIMITED, a New Zealand company that has publically stated it will apply for the ???.kiwi??? gTLD string.  A proportion of DOT KIWI???s domain revenue and profit will be donated to a trust established to help fund the reconstruction of the earthquake devastated city of Christchurch, New Zealand.  Dot Kiwi joins other geographical, brand, and entrepreneurial clients from Africa, Asia, Europe, and North America that have chosen Minds + Machines, but who wish to keep their plans confidential.


Peter Dengate Thrush, Chairman of TLDH