Batching Basics | ICANN New gTLDs

How does it work?

The batching process is activated if significantly more than 500 applications are received. Each applicant will be notified to register into an online system to set a future time target. The ability of applicants to “hit” that target at the selected time will be used to determine which applications are placed into the first, or subsequent batches.

Selected Target Date and Time

Next, applicants will return to the online system on that day and time and try to hit submit as close as they can to their target time. It’s kind of like a game of digital archery. First you set the target and then you try to hit it with as much accuracy as you can.

“How does it work?”

Badly, if at all. Which seems to describe a number of ICANN activities.

“Digital archery!?” It’s just wacky.

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