"Photography is now a form of immediate and direct conversation feedback"

Now photography for me and for many others is a form of social communication. We shoot images, we share those images with immediacy and often a conversation comes forth because of the sharing of those images. It is certainly true for me that when I shoot a digital mobile image and share that image on a social platform I know that more people are experiencing my vision than ever before.

Many conversations from technical questions about my work or constructive criticism are now part of my photographic process. Photography is now a form of immediate and direct conversation feedback and part of the social fabric of our artistic culture like never before. 

A thousands words, but the ones you want to say?

What was it about Instagram that made it worth a $1B acquisition by Facebook?

Here’s another angle on a set of already very good answers: the most obvious value of Facebook as a service to users is for one-to-many communications of “present tense” thoughts and activity. Photos are already a huge part of that experience, as I believe that Facebook is the single largest photo sharing service on the web.

The collection of all of those “present tense” things + the passage of time means that Facebook also is a massive repository of “past tense” things. This reality is reflected in the recent Facebook Timeline redesign/launch.

Facebook is to the 21st Century what Kodak was to the 20th Century. They catalog what you thought, who you were with, and – most pertinently to this question – what you saw. They’re in the business of capturing and sharing memories.

The value that Instagram provides to users is that it makes memories more interesting. That’s a pretty solid alignment with what Facebook is all about these days.

when I post images from my cellphone it’s emailed (to a distribution list that includes the Twitpic & Facebook posting addresses) and its not trivial.

This answer reminded me that if you make something even a little easier, there may be surprising suppressed demand for the facility.

I actually post pictures in preference to status updates, for me, they are easier. Going by the number of other spontaneous “Kodak moments” I see (very few), that’s not the case for many.

The “Insta” in Instagram.