Designing for the social customer

Last night I wrote, in the context of customers:

  • They want to be treated like human beings, not account numbers.
  • They want to know they can trust the people they do business with.
  • They want to know that the people they give their business to actually value their business.
  • They want products and services that are fit for purpose, made available at a reasonable price.
  • If and when something goes wrong, they want to know the facts. Quickly. Without window-dressing.
  • They???d like to know what is best for them, so they???d like to talk to their friends and relatives about it.
  • They???d like to know what their friends recommend, and they???d like to recommend things to their friends.
  • They???d like help when something turns out more complicated than they???d expected, or when they???re trying to do something different.
  • And they???d like to know that they???re being treated fairly.
  • In exchange for all this, they are willing to give their custom regularly and loyally. As part of a trusted relationship. Where people buy from people and people sell to people.
  • In exchange for all this, they are willing to become customers.

In the end, it’s trust.

LinkedIn’s Biggest Competitor Is a Facebook App That Just Hit 25 Million Users

BranchOut allows users to see which of their Facebook friends (or friends of friends) work at specific companies. Unlike LinkedIn, it doesn???t require users to build a professional network one person at a time. Rather, they simply connect to their pre-existing Facebook graphs. The interface works a lot like LinkedIn from there: users can fill in their work histories, send messages to their connections, collect endorsements and request introductions to friends of friends.

Article sent to me by LinkedIn. Nice.