Future of Communications Newsletter – December 2011

The latest example is the recent debate around usage-based billing. Klinker doesn???t believe it would do anything to alleviate network congestion, and he wishes ISPs would be a little more innovative. ??? ???You should really do congestion-based billing,??? he suggested.???

Usage caps are not a means of managing network capex and opex, but are a pricing ruse to extract revenue and exclude competing services.

Until these factors are recognised, nothing will encourage ISPs to shift from their current local maxima.

Telstraclear’s Special Deal slows broadband speeds…

Telstraclear customers were warned and they got what they were promised when the internet service provider lifted data traffic caps at the weekend.

Residential customers were offered unmetered access to the web from 6pm Friday until last night. But they were also warned that the extra demand could mean some customers experienced slower than normal connection speeds.

Post hoc, ergo propter hoc. Unfortunately up until this pilot, the Internet had been universally and chronically responsive without flaw. A more cynical person than myself might hint that this test was designed to establish good reason for data caps and metering usage.