An Interview With Ruthann Friedman

Is the practice of ???being free??? something that stems from insecurity? Why do people identify with the ???60s?
There???s this illusion that the 1960s was some sort of magic. It wasn???t. That was a natural organic social revolution. These people realized they were sold a line of bullshit. Things they were told were horrible were not. Drugs, for one. People found out marijuana wasn???t the devil weed. ???You lied to me about that, what else did you lie to me about???? Today, kids are looking for that essence. They want to experience what we experienced. You can???t go back there; you have to go into now. When you asked me what kids need, I wanted to say, ???a hug.??? Besides writing songs and letters to the editor, I can give a hug. Make people care about each other. We are so isolated and narcissistic. It???s hard to find people who want to care and trust each other. It???s a very fragile society right now. There are people who are absolutely hippies, ???love children,??? speak no evil, hear no evil. But there are not many of them. I hate to be cynical. When you find one you should give them a big hug. I will say I am honored to be a friend to the kids I am hanging out with. It gives me newfound life. I dropped out of the scene and got married and raised my children. When they were old enough to go off on their own I went back to school. That re-awakened my creativity. Then Water released my album and I met Devendra and now I am recording a new CD in San Jose with John Miller of the Mumlers. Old people are boring. They want to go to bed at 9:30. But you know what, use it or lose it, keep your mind open. People who know everything, I have a terrible time with them. I don???t know anything for sure, for real. I am just muddling along in this pot like the others.

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