CFP: Feminist Philosophy and Pornography

Pornographic speech does not prevent women from making utterances. Rather, the thought is, pornographic speech may create communicative conditions that result in illocutionary disablement of women’s speech in specific contexts. Particularly this may be so with respect to women’s refusals of unwanted sex: if pornographic speech prevents the locution “No!” from being seen to be a refusal in a sexual context, due to which sex is forced on the speaker, she has not successfully performed the illocutionary speech act of refusing the unwanted sex. In this case, there may be a free speech argument against pornography.

Sex? Not my kid!

The North Carolina State University professor interviewed parents in an unnamed red state for her book, ???Not My Kid: What Parents Believe About the Sex Lives of Their Teenagers,??? and found an impressive level of denial. ???Teenagers??? actual behaviors,??? she writes, ???do not seem very significant in terms of shaping the sense parents have that their own teens are young, immature, and naive.??? Drug use, vandalism, even pregnancy often fails to destroy this fantasy. The same is true of parents??? own memories about what it was actually like being a teen. At the same time, though, sexual threats are seen as ever present ??? from someone else???s sex-crazed kid, someone else???s corruptive parental influence, someone else???s perversion. Rarely do parents attribute the risk to their own child???s sexual desire or agency. Surprise, surprise.

Blendr Isn’t Grindr: Why We Still Don’t Have a Straight Hookup App

In other words, the only way to make a straight version of Grindr work is to make it woman-centric. Given the gender gap in the tech-startup world right now, I’m guessing I have a long while to wait for such an app.

In an environment that allows “permissionless innovation” it only takes one, so I doubt any wait will be the result of a “gender gap” in the tech-startup world.