GitHub Says ‘No Thanks’ to Bots ??? Even if They’re Nice

Nobody wants spam. But even Michaels-Ober, the developer who was at first uncertain about Imageoptimiser’s pull request doesn’t think that an all-out prohibition on GitBots is the way to go if it’s possible to create truly useful GitBots.

“I don’t think this specific behavior should be prohibited,” he says. “And I would hope that GitHub could find a way to change their term of service. It seems like we would be throwing out the baby with the bathwater to say that all bots are bad.”

If you can manage disruptive humans, surely bots aren’t beyond selective treatment.

Mannequins May Give Info About Your Holiday Shopping Habits

Well this is creepy. You already know you???re under surveillance when you enter your local department store but did you ever think the store would enlist mannequins to keep an eye on you? A few locations are testing out specially fitted mannequins that aren???t made for spotting shoplifters but use facial-recognition software to give owners data about their shoppers??? age, gender, and race. 

???Any software that can help profile people while keeping their identities anonymous is fantastic,??? said Uch?? Okonkwo, executive director of consultant Luxe Corp in what???s probably the opposite of what most of you are thinking about this right now. It ???could really enhance the shopping experience, the product assortment, and help brands better understand their customers.???

Valley of the uncanny dolls.