OLPC Oceania: Marshall Islands launches national OLPC program

Veteran Pacific OLPC expert, Mr Ian Thomson, now E-Learning Fellow at the University of South Pacific, has travelled to Majuro several times for USP in the past year to advise the RMI Government on deployment and to conduct teacher training workshops ahead of today’s handover. USP signed an MOU with OLPC Oceania to support Pacific deployments in 2010. USP has been assisted by OLPC volunteer Nicholas Dorian, who has been in the country for several months.
As part of OLPC Oceania’s community inclusion approach, Mr Thomson conducted a community briefing last week attended by several hundred parents and community members. 
“They asked some very good questions as well,” said Mr Thomson. “We are now planning another session on XO basics. The next phase of the project is to launch the project in two more Majuro schools in coming months and then to five outer island schools over the second half of 2013.”