How PIPA and SOPA Violate White House Principles Supporting Free Speech and Innovation

Corporate Right of Action

PIPA and SOPA also still allow copyright holders to get an unopposed court order to cut off foreign websites from payment processors and advertisers.

While this provision only affects foreign sites, it still affects Americans’ free speech rights. As Marvin Ammori explained, “The seminal case of Lamont v. Postmaster makes it clear that Americans have the First Amendment right to read and listen to foreign speech, even if the foreigners lack a First Amendment speech right.” If history is any guide???and we???re afraid it is???we will see specious claims to wholesale take downs of legitimate and protected speech.

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As we have continually highlighted, copyright holders already can remove infringing material from the web under the DMCA notice-and-takedown procedure. Unfortunately, we???ve seen that power abused time and again. Yet the proponents of PIPA and SOPA want to give rightsholders even more power, allowing them to essentially shut down full sites instead of removing the specific infringing content.

Not enough that corporations are nigh immortal, now some are granted further Right of Action, at least those who are already granted State subsidised protection of fantastic rights.

France Wants To Tax ISPs To Fund Music, Add Streaming To Three-Strikes Law | paidContent:UK

This is not the first time that France has proposed taxes on online business to fund the music industry. Last year, the Zelnik report, masterminded by music industry executive Patrick Zelnik, proposed taxes on online ads and ISPs, with the proceeds to be used for special cards to be distributed to the French public to spend on ???legitimate content.???

>>> Corporate welfare via hypothecation, is there no end to the extent the incumbents will go to to maintain their lifestyle?