Future of Comms – Time to kill the ‘call’?

Sometimes the obvious stares you in the face for a very long time, without you noticing it. My colleague Dean Bubley truly surpassed himself recently by pointing out the non-obvious obvious: that the whole idea of “calling” someone in the real world is typically rude and interruptive: “Hey ??? YOU! ??? Come here NOW!”.Telephony merely replicates this etiquette error in virtual form.

Thus the very concept of a “telephone call” is flawed from a modern standpoint. What was acceptable when telephony was the only form of real-time mass communication is no longer universally so.

Coincidentally, I’ve been thinking the same: https://workflowy.com/shared/506e96b0-bad5-8de4-b37b-a27c18485ec4/

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