How’s that three strikes thing working out, anyway?

So not one notice about TV or movies but also not a single notice has been sent relating to copying of New Zealand content. Not one.

The rights holders in New Zealand put together an ad campaign based on the destruction of value of New Zealand content, yet it hasn???t defended a single New Zealand artist. I find that very interesting ??? from a PR point of view it???s a massive cock-up because at the very least they could have found one to point to. Either they don???t care enough to pay $25 or there simply isn???t any piracy of New Zealand artists going on in New Zealand. Isn???t that an interesting thought?

The MED review allows for public submissions on its discussion document but comments must be received by 30 April. Have a look at the document and send any thoughts you may have to the MED here.  Because despite its obvious flaws, as far as I can tell the Copyright Act is working ??? it???s the US-based rights holders that aren???t.

It appears the US industry is very willing to fund lobbying of NZ legislators, but not put much into making legitimate channels available to customers. At least we now know who the legislation serves, and it ain’t us, the ones paying for the enforcement.

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