How to design, fabricate and manufacture in a non-linear world

Some interesting key points highlighted over at the p2p Foundation

  1. Designed and manufactured a 4-passenger street-legal car that gets 100 mpg
  2. The car was constructed using off-the-shelf parts
  3. The car is entirely modular in design
  4. They innovated a new process for carbon-fiber body construction that costs 1/360th the traditional process
  5. You can pre-order cars now for less than $29,000
  6. This is not just a one-off prototype. Currently they are manufacturing one car per week (yes, that???s the low volume manufacturing retail price). They are targeting a future price of under $20,000.
  7. With no capital investment
  8. Though accept donations
  9. Everything is done through volunteers

That’s how you do it.

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