Call to action: Tell Congress you support the Bipartisan Federal Research Public Access Act

February 9, 2012 The Federal Research Public Access Act, a bill that would ensure free, timely, online access to the published results of research funded by eleven U.S. federal agencies was introduced.

We currently have a unique opportunity to create change. The Research Works Act, a piece of legislation introduced in December that would ban the government from providing the public access to publicly funded research, has galvanized the research community into acting against practices that restrict access to research articles – reaching the pages of the Economist, the New York Times, Wired, the Guardian, the Chronicle of Higher Education, and many other outlets.

With reinvigorated support from the research community and attention from the mainstream media, now is the time to push for this groundbreaking legislation and let Congress know that students – and the rest of the public – deserve access to the research which they paid for and upon which their education depends.

A tribute to incumbent exclusive publisher sleaze that you could conceive anything else.

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