Beyond SOPA: Why ‘Easy’ Solutions Don’t Stop Net Crime – Forbes

Leslie Daigle is chief internet technology officer of the Internet Society, a non-profit founded in 1992 to promote a free and open Internet.

As Forbes reporter Andy Greenberg pointed out in his post ???SOPA Haters Are Already Finding Easy Ways To Circumvent Its Censorship,??? enterprising individuals and organizations are already finding easy ways to evade the Stop Online Piracy Act legislation now before Congress before it has even been passed. Among other things, the widely derided measure proposes using Domain Name System blocking as a solution to online piracy.

While the illegal online activities that SOPA strives to combat such as child pornography, infringement of intellectual property rights and cybercriminal activities are undoubtedly critical issues, they must be addressed in ways that do not undermine the global architecture of the Internet, curtail internationally recognized human rights or threaten e-commerce. Non-technological problems, including cybercrime and infringement of IP, cannot be resolved by using technology as a quick fix. Here???s why.

SOPA is of course only “easy” for a coddled minority, for the rest of us it is costly and futile.

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