CES Innovation Zones

  • AcceleGlove. Equipped with accelerometers that track the exact movements of a person???s hand.
  • Cubelets from Modular Robotics. The electronic building blocks are marketed as a toy for children but adults may enjoy it too. You attach power blocks, sensor blocks and action blocks together to make small robots that move, light up or perform other actions.
  • Exmobaby. Biosensor baby pajamas feature a snap-on transmitter that measures vital signs in infants, including heart rate, skin temperature, moisture, and movement.
  • Romotive. Lets you preprogram your smartphone ??? Android or iOS ??? to drive a small wheeled device in a preprogrammed pattern, or you can use your tablet to direct its movements.
  • Solarmer Energy. Developing solar energy cells made of thin, flexible plastic that can be rolled up like a sheet of paper.
  • Perpetua Power. Working on products that generate renewable power from body heat. It is developing a wireless wristband to monitor the location of Alzheimer patients
  • Sun Innovations. Uses a nanoparticle film to project glowing animated signs on a window that look ???like a display floating in the air???.
  • HealthMicro presented its disposable wireless sensors, designed to replace wired sensors that health care workers now stick on a patient???s body for medical examinations like an electrocardiogram.
  • Emota.net. Used gesture controls embedded in a stuffed penguin to make social-networking technology more emotionally engaging. It creates a layer of social networking on top of Facebook.

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