An Explanation For Why UMG May Be Right That It Can Pull Down MegaUpload’s Video [Updated] | Techdirt

There are a few different ways that content can be taken down off of YouTube concerning copyright claims. One is via ContentID, the automated system that matches fingerprints. One is via a DMCA takedown notice. And one is via YouTube’s Content Management System. This last one doesn’t get much attention and isn’t that well known, but it’s basically halfway in between the other two (loosely speaking), granting partners the ability to spot and block videos that aren’t matched by ContentID, but without sending a DMCA takedown. If you’re familiar with the details of the system (which it appears MegaUpload and its lawyers were not), it was actually easy to tell this was a CMS block by the message that appeared on the blocked video. It said “This video contains content from UMG, who has blocked it on copyright grounds.” That’s the message that shows up on CMS blocks. DMCA takedowns say that the video is “no longer available.”

So, on that point, UMG may very well be correct in its filing, that it’s not subject to DMCA sanctions because it didn’t actually file a DMCA notice

Private contract, access has always been that under copyright.

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