Cultural Liberty: Questioning Copyright

So, what is copyright???s future?

Copyright is an unethical anachronism. It still works as a weapon with which to threaten or punish infringers (with or without evidence), but even with draconian enforcement, the monopoly has ended.

When privileged immortal corporations collide with a population naturally at liberty, the latter will prevail, however draconian their ???education??? by the former.

Nevertheless, without copyright, natural rights remain, e.g. an author???s exclusive right to their writings, truth in authorship, etc.

Moreover, the market for intellectual work can continue quite happily without a reproduction monopoly. Indeed, it will thrive.

But I had to laugh when I read this, “Copyright is a historical accident, a legislative error made in a less principled era.”

Does Crosbie believe there is a less principled era than the current one with respect to the grotesque cancerous enlargement of “rights” for the few?

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